Eagles Engineering is 15 years old  

Eagles Engineering - Fonderia zama Torino

Eagles Engineering srl celebrates this year its 15th year of activity in the die-casting industry of Zama. An important milestone it decided to celebrate by involving all people making part of it and contributing to its growth.

Since 2002, the foundation year, to date, Eagles Engineering has faced major changes. It has adapted to the diverse and numerous market needs. And it has always introduced state-of-the-art systems, using latest generation technologies capable of revolutionizing business models.

These lines also arise from a desire: to thank who, day after day, believed in our company. We focus especially on those who have supported Eagles Engineering in times of growth but also in the darkest ones. Together, we have faced many challenges until reaching this important milestone.

Celebrating fifteen years of activity is for us a source of great pride. The merit goes to the entire Eagles team and to the vision of a company that has been able to perceive from the very beginning the innovative spirit that animates the die-casting world.

For the occasion, we decided to renew the company logo, thus celebrating the achievement, even at a graphic level.

For us it is just a first step. The success achieved so far encourages us to continue and grow up more. Because we believe in our work, and the support we receive and the results we get stimulates our constant improvement.

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