All our suppliers involved into the molds construction have at disposal a complete and cutting-edge instrumentation, able to match to the requirements of any customer.

At the same time they guarantee processing methods and degrees of perfection at the highest levels.

Besides Eagles Engineering. has a specific department with the necessary machinery for the prompt intervention and the ordinary maintenance of the molds. Cleaning and tuning are carried out by highly trained internal staff.

Each mold also has its own identity card integrated in the management (a.n.i.m.e. - advanced network information model EAGLES) that records each phase of the life of the customer’s mold, in order to ensure an always efficient and optimal life of the mold.

Eagles Engineering also offers the possibility to perform simulations of mould cavity filling during the planning process.

This allows us  to optimize the production and let us have the highest quality of the die casting, according to customer requirements.

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