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Eagles Engineering is an highly specialized foundry that  deals in Zamak die-casting , as from the construction of the molds till the production of finished items.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of this field  and twenty years of experience, we are able to offer excellent quality and great reliability products. We are specialized in the production of die-cast zamak parts, whose weight varies from a few grams up to 3 Kg.

A deep know-how, a passion for our work and a rich experience ensure the excellent quality of the die casting, realized also with the thermoregulation of the molds and by the constant control of the injection performed directly on the machines. We also employ technologies and top level quality system able to grant maximum efficiency, both for the performances than for the quality.

Constant upgrading of our equipment and the research in automation processes allow us to offer our customers a product complying with high expectations. To anticipate and to match our customers requirements is Eagles Engineering’s mission.

Our company is able to offer an important Problem Solving  at the service of our customers and  can supply assembled, processed and packaged components.

The headquarters is in Ciriè, a few kilometers from Turin, on an area of about 4.000 sqm. However, among our customers we count many companies from all parts of the world and dealing in several different fields.

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