Zamak Die Casting

The efficient wide range of die casting machines is composed of 12 presses from 13 to 280 Tons, which allow us to produce parts of variable weight from a few grams up to 3 kg.

A modern thermoregulation system, the constant monitoring of the process parameters and the quality control on the injection ensure the optimal quality of the castings. The feeding of the machines is carried out through the use of melting furnaces on board the machines able to distribute  the alloy in the liquid state, or with continuous cycle molds.

The machines we use are equipped with the latest and best devices that ensure maximum efficiency with dynamic injection controls and closed-loop quality control.

In every phase, the production is managed with the help of an effective monitoring system created and controlled by our Research and Development Department (EDS - Eagles Data System). The recording of all the qualitative aspect allows a punctual control of every production order.

Eagles Engineering uses anthropomorphic robots for the extraction of the pieces from the machine, in order to always guarantee a correct handling of parts. The lubrication of the molds during die-casting can be realized in liquid or with the modern powder system, depending on the needs of the injected parts.

At the end of production, the molds are carefully inspected, cleaned and lubricated. At this point they are settled in a vertical warehouse, managed by a dedicated software, which ensures the correct storage. The machinery for mold assembly is equipped with radio command and decimal control.
These systems  allow us to reduce the machine set-up times, in order to always guarantee the maximum efficiency.
Each mold has its own identity card with the history of all the interventions, modifications and improvements it has undergone.

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