What is zama?

Zama is a zinc alloy also known as Zamak. The name comes from its main elements: Zinc, Aluminum, Copper (Kupfer) in various percentages.

The advantages of using Zama are many, both in terms of quality and economic.

It also complies with the ELV (Life Existence of a Vehicle), RoHS (Hazardous Substances Restriction) and WEEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Discharges) parameters.

Its main features are:

  • Resistance

Zama has excellent resistance to impact, wear and corrosion. Resistance that is further reinforced in the final stage through specific finishes.

  • High precision

The use of Zama allows the production of high precision products, with complex shapes, very thin walls and extreme care in detail. This allows you to guarantee great flexibility in design and versatility in use.

  • Low costs

Compared to other alloys, Zama has the advantage of being quite economical.

  • Versatility

Due to its characteristics, Zama is suitable for many applications and can be used in a variety of areas, from furnishings to lighting, from accessories to automotive, just to name a few.

  • Low environmental impact

Zama, having a very low melting point, allows considerable energy savings. Also, because of its composition, it does not disperse air pollutants during the process.

  • Recyclability

All die casting zama products are entirely recyclable.

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Ever since its origin, Eagles Engineering has always worked to ensure the highest standards of quality and meet the needs of its customers using the most modern equipment. Always attentive to this goal, it has now obtained the certification of its quality system, to date UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Continuous commitment to quality is not only limited to product, but throughout the production cycle.Controlling the executive process is critical to ensuring a product compliant with the specifications requested by the customer.

Eagles Engineering follows every step, from order acquisition, mold making, die casting, to following workings, until it reaches the shipment. Accurate and constant monitoring allows our company to continually improve and refine every stage of the process. And at the same time it allows us to pursue one of our primary goals: to be always a reliable and proactive partner for each customer.

Just in view of a continuous upgrade and improvement, Eagles Engineering is currently laying the groundwork for obtaining IATF 16949: 2016 certification, scheduled for 2018.

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