Mold construction

The exterior mold construction workshop boasts a complete and state-of-the-art instrumentation that can meet any customer's requirements. And at the same time to ensure methodologies of processing and degrees of perfection at the highest levels.

The workshop premises are indeed equipped with diving electro-erosion, wire erosion and a numerical control center. Additionally, drill bits and tangential rectifiers, laser for machining on steels are added.

The design is carried out with the help of the CIMATRON, GEMOMAGIC and Solidworks programs, an advanced hybrid modeler for solids and surfaces, for separating and analyzing semiautomatic molds.

These include software such as GibbsCAM and Visualcam Cima Graphic.

Eagles Engineering also offers the ability to perform mold filling simulations. This allows optimum production and thus the highest quality of die casting, depending on customer requirements.


The efficient die casting machines range from 5 to 135 Ton presses, which allow to produce weights of varying weight from a few grams up to 1.0 kg. A modern thermoregulation system, constant process parameter monitoring and injection quality control ensure the optimum quality of the jets. Machine feeding is done by using machine edge fuser ovens, for the alloy distribution to the liquid state.

The machines we use are the latest generation tools that ensure maximum efficiency with dynamic injection controls and quality control.

Production at all stages is handled with the aid of an effective control system. The registration of all the qualitative features allows accurate check of each production order.

For the extraction of die cast from machines, , Eagles Engineering uses anthropomorphic robots to ensure correct manipulation of details. Lubrication of dies during die-casting can be done with liquid or with the modern dust system, depending on the requirements of the printed product.

Molds are then checked, cleaned and lubricated at the end of production. At this point they are ordered in a vertical warehouse, run by a dedicated software, which ensures proper storage.  aThe system therefore reduces time for machine setup, in order to always ensure maximum efficiency.



Among the primary goals that Eagles Engineering has always pursued is customer satisfaction. This is what we want to continue to guarantee thanks to the efficiency and reliability that have distinguished us all these years.

For this reason we are constantly committed to renew and implement the services made available to our customers. And, just in the perspective of continuous improvement, we use an automated micro-sandblasting system with remarkable tools to get a product of high technical and aesthetic value.

Processing is carried out with the aid of a turbine controlled by an inverter, together with the ability to adjust the speed of rotation of the carpet by means of an electronic control unit. In this way, we can treat any kind of surface, from small to large, ensuring perfect holes and slots cleaning and offering maximum perfection even at aesthetic level. The entire sequence of phases is then controlled by a programmable PLC, whose parameters are recorded to ensure repeatability of the process.



Finishing and washing operations are carried out internally, with the help of vibrators with a capacity of 150 lt to 500 lt. In full respect for the environment, all plants are closed circuit.

Mechanical machining

The use of automatic and semiautomatic machines in the threading (also with 100% thread filling controls by camera) boring and turning guarantees the utmost care in the creation of each item and the perfect match to customer's needs. .

Surface Galvanic Treatments

Surface Galvanic Treatments and paintings are made on behalf of third parties, with certified suppliers that provide excellent performance in terms of service and quality.

Laser marking

Laser engraving is performed internally. Eagles Engineering is equipped with 2 implants, one diode and one fiber optic, ideal for customizing Zama artifacts or any other metallic material.

Measures Laboratory

We have a laboratory for dimensional measurements and traction seals. Thanks to the collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino, we are able to realize:

  • Specific behavior studies of die casting in different working conditions
  • Radiographic controls
  • analysis of microcrystalline structure.

In addition to traditional measurement systems, we have an innovative image measurement system that allows control over 90 dimensions in 3 seconds with the following OK / NG validation of the measured detail, generating a measurement certificate.


Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Eagles Engineering proposes itself as a partner for the manufacture of pre-assembled details, which can be immediately used by the customer.

We can also cure the packaging of the detail internally (from simple packing in boxes to blisters, from skin pack to shrink wrap) by delivering the product ready, canned and labeled with bar codes, created and printed online.

In this way, customers who wish it, will be able to receive the product, ready to be presented to the final customer.This type of packaging has been specially designed to ensure the integrity of the product, both during transport and in subsequent manipulations.

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